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In Norway (5 million inhabitants) about 35 % of the children receive orthodontic treatment. About 200 orthodontists (recognized specialists) are spread throughout the country, and they provide more than 95 % of orthodontic treatment.

In Norway the Norwegian Orthodontic Treatment Index (NOTI) is used by the National Health Insurance System for reimbursement of treatment costs. The morphological traits (i.e. the severity of the malocclusions) defined in the index system are allocated to 4 categories of need: very great, great, obvious, and little/no need. In accordance with these categories, the patients gets a reimbursement of 100 %, 75 %, 40 % or 0 % of the costs.

The general practitioners have a central place in the national orthodontic treatment system, since the patients can only get reimbursement if they have been referred to a specialist from a general practitioner.

Grown up patients (more than 20 years of age) usually do not get reimbursement. However, when orthognatic surgery is indicated, when teeth are traumatized or missing, or when people are suffering from certain diseases, grown up patients may get reimbusement.

Foreign students (not older than 20 years of age), living in Norway for a limited period of time, may also apply for reimbursement while being treated here.